About Baker Tilly Evidas

Our audit firm has been licensed to provide auditing services since 2011. Having provided our clients with high-quality services for a number of years while consistently growing our business, we joined the Baker Tilly International audit firm network in 2016. We are confident that our joining the international audit network will contribute to our visibility in the market and further improve the quality of the services we provide to our clients on a global level.

Our company is represented by Dejan Šimenc, a certified auditor with more than 15 years of experience in auditing and consulting. Jure Marko, certified auditor and co-owner of the company, has had more than 14 years of experience in auditing and business consulting. Teja Burja, certified auditor, has had more than 10 years of experience in auditing.

Since we believe that clients need to recognise an added value in the auditing services we provide and since we are aware that having an experienced staff plays a major role in achieving that goal, our team also includes other professionals with years of experience in auditing.